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LED Lifting Ball RGB Color

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  • Color:black
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Product name: LED lifting the ball

Voltage: AC110 50-60 hz ~ 240 v

Total power: 120 W

Light source: 252 tian xin Φ 5 LED lamp bead (R: 84 G: 84 B: 84)

Color: R, G, B linear infinite color options, can be linear transformation and colorful rainbow effect

Dimming: 0 ~ 100% linear dimming, has 16 bit precision fine-tuning

Stroboscopic: pulse strobes, asynchronous stroboscopic synchronization. Stroboscopic speed 1-20 times per second

Hanging weight: 10 kg (maximum)

Line length: 6 m (longest)

Speed: 0.2 meter per second (maximum)

Communication design: DMX512 cable transmission, RDM two-way control technology, voice control, Auto run

DMX512 channel modes: 10 ch


Lifting host: 32 x 15 x 34.3 cm, weight: 7.4 kg;

Ball: 35 cm in diameter, weight: 1.8 kg

1. LED type lifting ball has indoor use and waterproof type, widely used in the venue above do special effects with three-dimensional map, nightclubs, KTV.

2. The bottom ball ball body semi-transparent special plastic material, not easy to fracture, uv protection.

3. The ball USES high brightness LED lamp bead (R.G.B), wide Angle transmission, 360 ° full downy colour light.

4. The lifting system to the ball up and down, through DMX signal controller programming, according to the requirement to do different effect.

5. Lifts and ball independent packing, convenient installation.

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